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Give the gift of a great novelty email address! Gift cards can be used right away, have no fees, and can be used on multiple orders.

How do I use a gift card?

On the checkout page will be a gift card link. Click this link and enter your code into the box and click the apply button. If it is valid, and has a balance, it will be applied to your order.

How much does an email cost?

Most email addresses offered by cost about $20 per year. We also offer some premium names and domains, and the rates on these vary based on the demand. These sought-after premium names can sell as high as $100 per year.

Can gift cards be shared?

Yes! Anyone with the gift card code will be able to use it. Multiple people can share the same gift card code, the balance is shared between and available to everyone using the gift card.

What happens to the remainder?

If you did not use your entire balance on your order, you can use the same gift card code again on future orders until the balance on it is completely depleted. You can also give away your partially used gift card code to a friend to finish off.

Can I use multiple gift cards?

You can only attach one gift card to an order. If you have multiple gift cards and you would like to combine the balance of them customer support can help you with that.

Do you still need a credit card?

No! As long as the balance on the gift card is enough to cover the entire cost of your order you will not need to enter any credit card information to complete the checkout. However, if the gift card only covers part of your total you will need to enter a credit card to cover the remainder of the cost.

Can I purchase bulk gift cards?

Yes, please contact our Customer Support team if you need assistance purchasing bulk gift cards for giveaways or corporate functions.

I have another question ...

Our award winning customer support team is standing by to help answer any questions or problems you have with Head on over to the Customer Support page to contact us right now.