Treat yourself to a premium email address on a high quality domain:

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Most Common Questions:
How much does it cost?

Email addresses cost as low as $0.05 a day. The most popular of names will cost a little more. You can save up to 20% with yearly plans and If you are a new user of we will give you 7 days to try out your new email address absolutely free.

Do you really own these domains?

Yes, we really do! Try for yourself, if you visit one of these domains in your browser you will be redirected back to

Someone sent me a message from one of your domains, will you tell me who it was?

Sorry, we will not be able to provide this information since we do not record or track any mail passing through our servers. As such we will not be able to verify or deny the authenticity of a message sent from our servers.

How do I send more emails from an address I registered?

Simply login to our website and click the Compose Message button next to the address you registered. You can send unlimited messages for as long as you own the email, and any incoming replies will be forwarded to your real email privately.

How is my real email address kept private?

Only our server knows about your real email address, it also knows what email addresses you registered on our site. We serve as the middle man to protect your identity. For any incoming mail we will forward it directly to your real email address, and any outgoing email you want to send will be sent from logging into this website. If you reply to an email that was forwarded to you from our server it will only then reveal your real email address.

I am getting random email from the address I purchased, what is going on?

People all over the world like to use our domains when filling out forms online when they don't want to share their real email address. All messages being sent to those addresses still come through our servers and if you picked a popular email address people might use like you might see some random emails.

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Treat yourself to a premium email address on a high quality domain: